Generally, you can anticipate the weather in Seattle during the month of December is 6 with a general average high of 8 with lows about 2. We have put some more information below:

MonthDegrees Celsius
High Temperature8
Low Temperature2
Sunshine Per Day3

Seattle, Washington (USA) Weather in December FAQs

What’s the weather like?

The typical weather is 6 degrees celsius throughout the month

What is the weather like during summer?

Usually summer weather is 22.

So what’s it like during the winter?

Expect the winter weather to be 8 degrees celsius

Whats the weather average difference between summer to winter?

The typical winter vs. summer temperature varies by 7 variance in temperatures

Whats the coolest it usually gets?

Our weather insight tells us it will go to 2 degrees.Click to see more Seattle Weather including Seattle, Washington (USA) November Weather.