Typically the average temperate in Seattle all through the month of August is 16. Highs are expected to be 23 and typical average low being around 13. See our table below for a full breakdown:

MonthDegrees Celsius
High Temperature23
Low Temperature13
Sunshine Per Day10

Seattle, Washington (USA) Weather in August FAQs

How is the weather looking?

Generally it will be 16 degress celsius.

How hot is it on average in summer?

Weather across June to August is 22 degrees celsius

How does the temperature vary in Summer and Winter?

Winter to Summer average temperatures change by 7 degrees celsius

How much sunshine can I expect?

Expect around 10 sunshine per day

How cold will it get ?

On average the low temperatures are13 degreesClick to see more Seattle Weather including Seattle, Washington (USA) July Weather and Seattle, Washington (USA) September Weather