Generally, average temperature in Orlando in January is 13. High temperatures are around 21 and low of 9 degrees celsius. We have put some more info below:

MonthDegrees Celsius
High Temperature21
Low Temperature9
Sunshine Per Day8

Orlando, Florida (USA) Weather in January FAQs

What is the temperate on average?

The weather is typically about 13 degrees during the month

How hot is it typically in the summer months?

Weather across June to August is 33 degrees celsius.

On average, what is the winter weather like?

Winter temperatures on average are about 22 degrees celsius.

How does the average temperature differ in Summer and Winter?

Usually you can expect about a 6 temperature variance

What amount of sunshine should I expect?

Typically there is approximately 8 of sunshine per day

How cold can it get?

The average lows this month are9 Click to see more Orlando Weather including Orlando, Florida (USA) February Weather