Typical average daily weather in Naples right-through August is 23. High temperatures are around 30 with low daily temperautes being 19 degrees celsius. We have put some more info below:

MonthDegrees Celsius
High Temperature30
Low Temperature19
Sunshine Per Day12

Naples, Italy Weather in August FAQs

Whats the weather I’m expecting?

More often than not the weather is 23 celsius but, will change throughout day

So what’s it like during the summer?

Typically summer (Jun – Aug) weather is 29 celsius

How much does avg. temperatures change in winter and summer?

Winter to Summer average temperatures change by 6 degrees change

How much sunshine should I expect?

Typically you will have about 12 sunshine hours

How cold will it get ?

On average the low temperatures are19 Click to see more Naples Weather including Naples, Italy July Weather and Naples, Italy September Weather