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Where's Hot in November?

For real heat, you have to travel long haul in November - even the reliable standbys of the mid haul destinations of the Canary Islands and the Red Sea can no longer guarantee heat, though they are pleasanr in the low to mid 20s. However, the nights are cold, and there's a breeze it can be chilly on the beach. It's also an unusual time to travel - most people are saving themselves for the for festive December and January seasons. But having said that, it's a great time to enjoy some great long haul resorts at half the price of a month later.

Mid haul holidays in November

As in October, there is no heat to be found in Europe in November, and practically no likelihood of an unseasobaly warm patch. For a warm-ish temperature and something unusual, head off to Cyprus - there's a wonderful atmosphere here off season, as it's returned to the islanders, and you get to experience a completely different rhythm of life to that of the spring and summer. But don't expect heat, and prepare for the occasional stormy but dramatic seas! The two areas where you will find heat under six hours flying time away are Dubai and inland in Egypt - for example Luxor. So November would be a great time for a sightseeing trip to see the Pyramids and for a cruise down the Nile - pleasantly hot without being baking.

Long Haul Holidays in November

Here's where you can get some great bargains in November, as the long haul resorts are gearing up for their peak seasons but will often have deals this month. Take your pick, at least around the India Ocean area - in particular the Maldives and Mauritius. But avoid Seychelles, where the rains are beginning. The Caribbean is another option, just now coming out of their June-October hurricane season, but it's a risk, and there is a high chance of some rain. But as they say in Barbados,"June too soon, October all over!". The north of India has excellent weather - in fact this is a great time to visit Rajasthan and Delhi - but avoid the south, as well as Sri Lanka, where it's monsoon time once again.

Australia is also reliable at this time of year, and getting very hot in the north and on the Great Barrier Reef, and it's alot cheaper to fly out there this month than in December.

And one holiday you may not have thought of...

Argentina is lovely in November - warm to hot with low rainfall, unlike it's northern cousin Brazil, where it's wet.

November weather map

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