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Where's Hot in March?

March is an interesting month, a month of flux and change – Spring feels in the air, but just in the air, mind you, as the UK can still be cold. The juices are beginning to flow, and we are all thinking of the next holiday. Most people are just planning, or booking ahead for the summer. It’s a time of year not many people go away, so all the more reason to, to avoid the crowds. So where are the best places to go on holiday in March? Where's hot in March?

Short haul holidays in March

Skiing is, for some, the best it can be this month, in Europe at least. The snow is still thick, the pistes open, and the freezing bite of winter has dissipated – it can be positively warm. If you fancy a snowtan and a really exhilarating break, head for Austria or France. Elsewhere, seaside towns are just beginning to wake up in the latter half of the month – Nice in the south of France, for example, or the big Spanish cities, gearing up for Easter – Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. This is definitely still ‘off season’, but a good time to get away from the crowds. The days are still short and the restaurants noisy and cosy – it’s a month where you’ll feel like a local. You might even try Majorca or Ibiza before the party madness sets in.

For heat, you will need to head for Morocco, which has some great trekking holidays, as well as Riad breaks, or Egypt, where the temperature is beginning to hot up in March on the Red Sea. It’s also a cooler time of year – but warm – to visit the great cultural sites – Luxor and the pyramids at Giza for example. Further East, Dubai and Oman are pleasant and hotting up, and it's a good month for cultural visits to Jordan and Israel. You might even consider Turkey, though more for the indigenous culture than the resort life, as a lot will still be closed.

Long Haul Holidays in March

March is a month to consider a holiday in the Caribbean. The whole region is dry and pleasantly warm, and free of the storms that appear later in the year. Sandwiched in between the half term season in February and the Easter holidays, you can find some good deals to the Caribbean in March. Consider St Lucia, Barbados or Antigua for some of the big resorts that need to get their rooms filled. Further west, Mexico has excellent weather now, and it's a good time to go before Easter, which gets very busy there. Florida is a pleasant 25 degrees in March. To the East, the Indian Ocean offers the Maldives, at near perfect conditions for weather and diving, and it's a great time to see Southern Africa – the Cape, Botswana and Namibia.

And a destination you may not have considered...

Costa Rica has the highest sunshine and lowest rainfall in March. The tropical forests are just now beginning to flower in spectacular fashion.

March weather map

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