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Where's hot in June?

Where indeed? Pretty much everywhere you want to go. What's the most unlikely phrase you will hear from your friends? 'I hate June!'

Short haul June holidays

No, June is special. One, it's outside the UK summer holidays so it's not so crowded as mid summer. Second, June weather in the UK and mainland Europe is normally balmy, warm or hot without being baking. For short haul destinations, southern England, the Western Isles in Scotland, and northern France are all worth visiting in June, for a good chance of blue skies and empty beaches. Cornwall, so often a washout these days in August, is more often than not breezy but balmy in June.

For more certainty of sunshine, head to Italy, Spain, southern France or Greece. The beaches of the Costa Blanca in Spain will be hot in June without being too crowded or sweltering, and the cities of Madrid, Seville and Barcelona are great for a June city break. The flowers will still be in bloom on the Greek islands and Crete, and the Amalfi Coast will be heavenly. Hotels will still have availability in June, and the road congestion between Sorrento and Naples will not have kicked in yet. Florence - heavenly at this time of year! The Florentines are traders, and everyone is happy that summer - and the visitors it brings to the shops - is on its way. Students, too, will be finishing their exams and footloose and fancy free, and even David will be smiling. In Paris, they are all demob-happy in June - Parisians go away in mid July, so June is their month of summer fun in the city.

In fact there are concerts and festivals all over Europe, as the citizens enjoy themselves before the dreaded tourist hordes arrive. Four of the most famous festivals in the world happen in June - Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight Festival in England, the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert in the United States, and the Verona Opera Festival in Italy. For a more unusual June holiday, go to Prague's Roma festival, and for diehards, there's always the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. But typically it will probably be raining!

Long haul June holidays

The US and Canada are both lovely in June - the humidity of summer has not arrived yet, so it's a great time to visit parks like Yosemite, or take a drive across the Canadian Rockies. So where is really hot in June? For a seriously hot holiday, head a little further south and east - Morocco and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt are hot in June, and further east, though Thailand and Malaysia should be avoided, Bali is at it's best in June, dry and not as hot as the rest of the year.

And one June holiday you may not have thought of....

Fly to Cairns and take a float plane out to the Great Barrier Reef - the only crowds you will see are the fish.

June - I love you!

June weather map

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