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Where's Hot in April?

"April is a promise that May is bound to keep."

We all feel good in April - the first holidays have arrived after Christmas, and nature is beginning to come out of its frozen winter gloom. In southern Europe, April heralds the beginning of a magical few months.

Where to go 'short haul' in April

April is a perfect month for city breaks all over Europe. The weather will likely be bright though changeable, but with a good chance of spring sunshine. Above all, cities are beginning to come to life in April, so there will be lots to see and do, without the heat, bustle and dust of the summer. Obvious choices would be Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Seville, Istanbul and Naples. Vienna and Munich - anywhere near the Alps, may still be chilly, and if you fancy Rome, avoid the Easter crowds if Easter falls in April. For warm holidays, with a chance of heat, head for Andalucia, the Canary Islands, or Greece. The Greek Islands are particularly special from April through to June, as the islands are starting to bloom and the Med with be breezy but beginning to sparkle.

Where to go 'long haul' in April

For hot holidays in April, you don't need to go far. Both Morocco and Egypt are likely to be in the high 20s /early 30s, so head for Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada for sun and swimming, Morocco for the exotic city life or trekking in the Atlas, and Cairo or Luxor for culture. Further afield, Florida is lovely in April, as is Mexico - which is especially magical (though more expensive) over the Easter period, with their festivities and fireworks displays. As in March, southern Africa is warm and getting hotter as you head into Namibia, and April is also a great time to visit Australia. India is probably mostly too hot in April, and south east Asia will be wet.

And one you may not have considered..

How about Las Vegas? Th desert heat of the summer has not arrived yet, and the temperature should be lovely in April. Easter in Vegas ... mmm!

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